The Impact of Strong Female Leadership: Ann Tuson

Ann joined North Shore 15 years ago in our first Sherwood Park office. I distinctly remember the day she interviewed, a new grad from NAIT Biological Sciences and Forestry, she had 2 years of experience as a Forestry Technician, and she was just coming back from her first maternity leave. Ann was exactly who we were looking for, a fresh, optimistic person, willing to take on any challenge. Fast forward 15 years later, Ann is the Manager of our Technical Resource Group with 4 separate divisions and 13 team members ranging from new grads to Senior Specialists.

As Technical Resource Group (TRG) Manager, Ann works to support project teams and promote consistency in technical reporting at North Shore by developing and ensuring the implementation of policies and procedures for the team. She provides technical advice and manages the Data Management Group (DMG), Drafting, Phase I ESA Reporting Team and the Senior Specialists to support the preparation, compilation and review of various technical reports including environmental site assessments, remediation, spill and reclamation projects.

When asked what the best part is about working at North Shore, Ann answered “the people, I love working with such a diverse group of professionals” she explained. “I get to collaborate with different Divisions and project teams, each group has their own roles but we all work together for the same goal. This position exposes me to new challenges daily and allows for both personal and professional growth and the opportunity to create relationships with people throughout the organization.”

Team Growth & Leadership

Over the past few years Ann’s team of professionals has grown significantly. Curiously I asked her what she looks for in an interview candidate.  She smiled and said “someone with energy, and who is self-motivated. I always gravitate to people who show the initiative and who are outwardly positive. We work within a highly functioning team environment and we all have to be dependable and organized, especially in a remote workplace.”

Ann’s team is professionally diverse but it is 75% female. She is a strong female leader and some of the members of her team have been with her for almost a decade. When asked about what the best part about working with Ann was, Tianna, one of Ann’s senior members and TRG Supervisor replied “I have learnt so much from Ann. She’s an incredibly fair manager that has provided stepping stones for me to learn the ins and outs of the industry. I don’t know if I could pin point one thing that I feel is the best part of working with her. It might be her disposition which is always warm and her willingness to help solve any issue. She really takes her group’s well-being to heart”.


Outside of the North Shore family, Ann has a family of two wonderful teenage girls, a great husband, Rob and 2 beautiful Airedales, Charlie and Chungo. To unwind, she loves to spend time outdoors. “We have a great family tradition in our house, every Easter and Thanksgiving we take the girls and the dogs camping off the beaten track. We spend time exploring nature and disconnecting; it is important to have that time with family and a place to unwind and escape”.  I couldn’t agree with her more.

North Shore Family

Over the past 15, I have had the privilege of working with Ann. She is an extraordinary member of the North Shore Family and has positively impacted all of us. She builds teams, relationships and guides and mentors daily. We are extremely appreciative to have her in our work family and although we are all working remotely, I often take the time to virtually reach out to her. Ann brings people up and embodies leadership, we are grateful she chose to grow her career with us.

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