North Shore is an industry leader in the field of land and surface reclamation. We have the expertise and experience to manage and execute high quality reclamation projects in a timely and cost efficient manner. 

We have successfully completed thousands of reclamation projects across Western Canada, including projects located in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.

OSE Reclamation

North Shore is an industry leader in Oil Sands Exploration (OSE) reclamation and successfully manages thousands of OSE sites as part of our client OSE Reclamation programs. We complete all required government reporting, wildlife protection planning, surface reclamation, vegetation management, detailed site assessments, and final reclamation certification of client OSE programs on an annual basis.

North Shore was actively involved in the development of Alberta’s Coal and Oil Sands Exploration Reclamation Requirements document and implemented field testing of the requirements during its development. Through excellent relationships with regulators and other related stakeholders, North Shore has been successful in ensuring regulatory compliance and forward progression of OSE programs in order to reduce the overall OSE liabilities of our clients.

Conventional Reclamation​

North Shore has been providing its expertise and services in the development, implementation, and supervision of surface reclamation projects and programs for well over a decade. Our experienced personnel and specialized skill set have allowed us to be innovative and practical when completing both small and large scale reclamation projects while ensuring regulatory compliance and overall reclamation certification is achieved.

North Shore has supervised reclamation projects throughout all ecoregions of western and northern Canada and has detailed knowledge of provincial reclamation guidelines and assessment criteria. We take great pride in our reclamation experience and activities and are actively involved in criteria and policy development with government regulators and industry partners.

Post-Reclamation Monitoring

North Shore has implemented numerous post reclamation monitoring programs for our pipeline and linear disturbance clients. Some of these programs include environmental screening and monitoring of planned civil works, large scale clubroot sampling projects as per Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration (CAPLA) Guidelines, development of reclamation criteria for right-of-way (ROW) disturbances in accordance with Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) requirements, weed control planning and execution, supplemental surface reclamation planning and execution, and the development, execution, and reporting of post reclamation monitoring (PRM) programs for ROW disturbances.

North Shore has completed PRM projects and initiatives throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories.

Vegetation & Weed Management​

North Shore is registered as a pesticide service provider under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) and uses only trained and certified consultants to conduct weed spraying activities. This enables our field staff to simultaneously conduct herbicide application activities and environmental site inspections, thereby reducing the number of site visits required on an annual basis.

Utilizing our backpack, ATV, and truck-mounted systems, we are able to efficiently and effectively control weed problems at practically any location. Our consultants have the end goal of site reclamation in mind, which reduces the overall cost of vegetation management programs and accelerate the reclamation time frames.

Detailed Site Assessments​

North Shore has successfully completed Detailed Site Assessments (DSAs) at abandoned well sites, core hole sites, and decommissioned facilities to assess reclamation efforts. North Shore’s soil and vegetation specialists have extensive experience conducting soil, vegetation, and landscape assessments.

Project experience includes assessing properties in cultivated lands, grasslands, peatlands, OSE programs, and forested environments. North Shore has detailed knowledge of provincial reclamation guidelines and assessment criteria. We also have extensive experience preparing reclamation plans and coordinating reclamation for properties which do not meet the applicable reclamation criteria.

Reclamation Certificate Applications

North Shore completes reclamation certificate applications on a regular basis for a number of our clients. Our team is familiar with the Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan reclamation certificate process and reporting requirements.

We have brought many sites to closure and are capable of reviewing third party reports to verify accuracy and compliance with applicable legislation. North Shore also acts as liaison between government, stakeholders, and our clients when requested.



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