Environmental Assessment & Regulatory Compliance

North Shore offers a wide variety of environmental assessment and regulatory compliance services. We provide regulatory consultation and support for new and existing development projects that require licencing and permitting as well as complete pre-disturbance assessments to meet approval requirements. Our team also provides support for annual regulatory compliance programs and are experienced in regulatory amendments and renewals. North Shore helps a number of clients navigate the complexities of the regulatory world and have built strong relationships with many provincial and federal regulators.

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Pre-disturbance Assessments

North Shore offers a variety of pre-disturbance assessments for new developments or expansion projects. We have completed pre-disturbance assessments across many different ecosystems and land uses, and are knowledgeable of the regulatory process and survey requirements. We offer the following pre-disturbance assessments:

  • Baseline Soil and Groundwater Quality Assessments
  • Ecosite Classification
  • Enhanced Approval Process (EAP) Assessments
  • Environmental Screening Assessments
  • Route Planning, Scouting, and Evaluation
  • Soil, Vegetation, Rare Plant, Weed, and Wildlife Surveys
  • Timber Salvage Assessments
  • Wetland Classification and Evaluation

Environmental Protection And Mitigation Planning

We use our pre-disturbance assessment data to provide cost-effective and practical environmental protection, construction, and reclamation plans. Our services include:

  • Conservation and Reclamation Plans
  • Environmental Field Reports (EFRs)
  • Environmental Protection Plans (EPPs)
  • Powerline Hazard Assessment Plans (PHAP)
  • Transmission/Distribution Maintenance Plans
  • Watercourse Crossing Plans
  • Wildlife and Caribou Protection Plans

Environmental Monitoring

North Shore has knowledgeable environmental inspectors who can support projects during pipeline and well site construction, drilling, spill response, and post-reclamation.

We offer qualified environmental monitors who have the knowledge and expertise to make appropriate judgments and recommendations to project teams. We also provide vegetation, wildlife, and aquatics monitoring when required to ensure sensitive environmental receptors are not impacted.

First Nations And Stakeholder Engagement

North Shore offers First Nations Consultation and Stakeholder engagement services for new or proposed developments.

We have experience working with several different communities and stakeholders over the years and have built trusted relationships. We provide our clients with support and can lead engagement as required. We also provide First Nations training programs for local communities to encourage economic development opportunities.

Regulatory Applications

North Shore specializes in the project management, preparation, and submission of regulatory applications for under the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), Alberta Utilities Commissions (AUC), Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (SK ENV), and the BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC). North Shore routinely completes the following types of regulatory applications:

  • Alberta EPEA Approval Applications (New, Amendments, Renewals) under the AER and AEP
  • Alberta EPEA Code of Practice Registrations
  • AER Directive 056 Facility Licence Applications and Audit Packages
  • AER Directive 056 Pipeline Licence Applications and Audit Packages
  • AER Directive 058 Waste Management Facility Applications
  • AER Directive 025 Oil Sands Scheme Approval Applications
  • AER Directive 078 Scheme Approval Amendment Applications
  • AUC Rule 007 Applications for Power Plants, Substations and Interconnections
  • SK ENV Environmental Protection Plans
  • BC OGC Facility Permit Applications
  • BC OGC Waste Discharge Permit Applications
  • Enhanced Approval Process (EAP) Application Submissions
  • Water Act Approvals and Notifications

All Pre-disturbance Assessments, Air Quality Dispersion Modelling, Decommissioning and Land Reclamation Plans, and Greenhouse Gas Assessments associated with the applications listed above are also completed in-house at North Shore.

EPEA Approval Reporting

North Shore provides reporting services and quantification required by Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) Approvals for sour gas plants, in-Situ SAGD facilities, and power plants in Alberta. Specific examples of reports required under EPEA Approvals are:

  • Monthly and Annual Industrial Air Monitoring Report
  • Annual Industrial Wastewater Reporting
  • Annual Waste Management Summary Reports
  • Soil Monitoring and Soil Management Program Proposals
  • Operation Soil Monitoring and Soil Management Program Reports
  • Annual Groundwater Monitoring Program Reports
  • S-30 Monthly Gas Processing Plant Sulphur Balance Report

Environmental Assessment & Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Assessment & Regulatory Compliance

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