Emergency Spill Response

North Shore’s Emergency Spill Response Team has been responding to spills across western Canada for the past decade. They have a variety of technical knowledge and expertise to provide options and direction for effective response, containment, recovery, and remediation strategies. We have designed innovative techniques and approaches that have made us an industry leader in low impact spill response. Our Team has responded to a variety of spills including produced water, crude oil, oil emulsion, herbicides, gasoline, diesel, glycol, methanol, frac oil, refined oils, and invert drilling mud. The spills have ranged in size from a few litres to up to 15,400 cubic metres (m3).

Our Spill Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Emergency Response and can be reached at 1-855-700-NSEC (6732)

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24 Hour Emergency Spill Response

North Shore offers 24/7 spill response through our Emergency Spill Response Team. Our team is structured and designed to respond to any unplanned release on short notice. The team is dedicated solely to spill response activities and consists of highly trained and experienced professionals.

North Shore offers spill responders in several of our office locations and all spill personnel are specially equipped with trucks carrying all required equipment to effectively arrive on-site prepared. In addition to our prepared staff, North Shore has a fully equipped spill trailer with enough materials to handle small scale spills into wetlands or watercourses. Our spill responders are trained in incident command and can also provide post command solutions.

Spill Contingency Planning & Training

The Emergency Spill Response Team can also apply their knowledge and experience for proactive corporate spill planning and training, including:

  • Corporate Emergency Spill Response Planning
  • Site Specific Training Exercises
  • Control Point Mapping

This knowledge is used to develop emergency planning and training procedures for corporations to respond quickly and effectively when faced with an unplanned release.

Low Impact Response

North Shore is the industry leader of low impact spill response. By utilizing low impact containment, assessment and remedial techniques, we have been able to protect ecosystems, improve ecosystem recovery, reduce surface disturbances and landfilling volumes, and greatly reduce spill response costs.

The Spill Response Team understands the importance of low impact response and remediation. Through years of experience in sensitive ecosystems the team has identified the need to reduce the effect to the ecosystem resulting from response and remediation activities. Using techniques and skills acquired over time, efficient response and remediation are attained while maintaining ecological function. This typically results in reduced resources and expedited restoration of the site following remediation efforts.

In all phases of spill response, North Shore utilizes innovative techniques and has relationships with specialty equipment providers to service our clients with the latest in low impact response technologies.

Spill & Remediation Technologies

Through many years of experience working through the challenges faced on each project, the Emergency Spill Response Team has developed methods, strategies, and techniques to ensure regulatory compliance. Many of these items have focused on low impact techniques to ensure ecological function and expedite site restoration.

These methods, strategies, and techniques have resulted in the development of several patent-pending systems, which can be used during response and remediation efforts to meet the regulatory requirements, while still maintaining the ecosystem integrity and reducing the resources required to complete these activities.

Spill Training

The Spill Response Team completes training both in house and through external vendors. This training includes both emergency training, as well as remediation training. The team training includes courses such as:

  • Incident Command System
  • Spill Responder Series
  • Oil Spill Training Exercises
  • Alberta Tier 2 Workshop
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
  • Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Techniques
  • Peatland Restoration
  • Spill Response and Low Impact Remediation
  • Freshwater Oil Spill Control

The Spill Response Team is made up of professionals who are members of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists, Alberta Society of Professional Biologists, Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists, or Alberta Professional Foresters.

Wildlife & Aquatics Monitoring

The Emergency Spill Response Team understands the importance of monitoring the activities being conducted during initial response and remediation, which includes the development of planning and objectives early in the project life. As a result, the team offers a full range of monitoring services related to wildlife, aquatics, surface water, and groundwater monitoring.

Our Spill Team includes Biologists and Ecologists and our Spill Trailer contains initial wildlife deterrents. Our Biologists ensure that Wildlife Mitigation Plans are completed and provided as necessary to our clients and regulators. They also provide support in the field to the Spill Responders as required.

Emergency Spill Response

Emergency Spill Response

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