Recognizing Employee Achievements – September 2020

Luckily, we have been graciously spared by Mother Nature so far coming into the full swing of fall (knock on wood…) and the weather has been great for completing and continuing many of our projects throughout western Canada. Everyone has been working very hard, putting in some long hours, and doing everything they can to finish up field work before the dreaded “S” word is upon us. North Shore would like to thank all staff for their contributions and efforts over the last month, keeping up with the demanding pace, and ensuring that our commitments are being met. As part of our regular weekly meetings, the Management Operations Board (MOB) nominated numerous individuals to be recognized for their contributions over the last month. This month the following individuals are being recognized:

Tyler Barabonoff

In late August, Tyler was called upon to complete an emergency spill response for a client in northern Alberta. After arriving on site in the later evening, Tyler initiated assessment and delineation activities within some extremely challenging site conditions to assist with the client’s active containment and recovery strategy. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, Tyler put in a significant number of hours in the field to meet the demands of both the client and the project.  These types of situations are not new to Tyler. He is a cornerstone piece of North Shore’s spill response team and has always put the needs of the client as a top priority regardless of the situation.  Tyler’s commitment and dedication has helped make North Shore’s spill response team a recognized leader in the industry.

Zac McCargar

Throughout the summer Zac has been working as part of large area based reclamation program and managing a large batch of reclamation and remediation sites in the East-Central area of the province. Aside from the sheer number of sites he has completed, he has also successfully managed a number of challenges and always presented the problem or issue to management along with a well-thought out solution to overcoming the obstacle placed in front of him. The challenges Zac faced included a seemingly endless number of rain days, multiple stakeholders per worksite, massive ‘out of the ordinary’ reclamation scenarios, continuous surface water management, a sensitive salamander species relocation, and working within restrictive wetland regulations. Zac’s ability to constructively come up with solutions to problems, as opposed to seeking out others for answers, is a true sign of an excellent consultant. Zac is recognized for the incredible dent he put into the client program site list this year, his exemplary safety record, and the commitment and care he puts into his work.

Mike Easton

As North Shore’s senior fugitive field technician, Mike has been extremely busy over the last few months completing our various client projects within a shortened time frame due to pandemic related delays and project deferrals. Mike has been an absolute workhorse, putting in a ridiculous number of hours to ensure our client projects are completed on time while maintaining the operational client relationships that North Shore has built. He’s been integral to North Shore’s Grande Prairie office, responsible for facilitating many of our internal training programs, and has managed to help grow North Shore’s list of clients for fugitive emission and other air and regulatory services. Mike has represented North Shore and the Air & Regulatory team impeccably well both in and out of the field.

Alison Wilson

Since joining the Data Management Group (DMG) last year, Alison has played an integral role in supporting our project teams by compiling and summarizing project related data. Alison has demonstrated excellent attention to detail and frequently goes above and beyond of what is expected of her. Recently, Alison played a key role in supporting our Spill Response group by ensuring she was available and putting in a significant amount of extra time to meet client expectations and ensuring the delivery of time sensitive results. Alison has proven herself to be a leader within our DMG and a valuable resource within the entire organization. Alison is reliable, dependable, and her energy and enthusiasm motivates all who work with her.

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s amazing dedication and work ethic coming in to the end of the season “push”. Take care everyone and stay safe!

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