Hopefully everyone had a great October and a very scary Halloween! With November in full swing, every day without snow is a wonderful day. North Shore’s operational management team would like to take the time to recognize a few of the exceptional jobs completed last month. For October we would like to recognize:

Jaden Kapiniak                                                                                       

In October, Jaden supervised a unique reclamation project on a remote location. The work was completed with heli-portable equipment and Jaden supervised the bulk of the work for North Shore. Jaden ensured North Shore and the client’s safety programs were adhered to and the scope of work was fulfilled all with a positive attitude and friendly demeanor. Jaden also took on some tree planting work while on site and was able to transplant 50 trees (by hand!) that had encroached on the lease edges to the middle of the site to give revegetation efforts a leg up before the site will be tree planted in the summer of 2022. Both our client and the contractors working with Jaden on site had high praise for the job Jaden did out there. Great work Jaden!

Kayle Watson

Kayle has been with North Shore for several years now and is a strong leader within the Remediation/Reclamation group. Kayle oversees some of North Shore’s larger reclamation portfolios, including Oil Sands Exploration programs, as well as conventional oil and gas programs. Kayle’s dedication, attention to detail, organizational skills, and ability to keep a level head have allowed her to excel with these high volume and ever changing programs. Thank you Kayle for all your efforts over the last month!

Derek Morris

Derek’s work ethic and ability to meet client’s expectations has paid off in spades over the last few months. Through existing client referrals, Derek has been able to bring on another client in Saskatchewan and a healthy planned workload throughout 2022. Derek’s hard work and high-quality reporting was so impressive that he had the clients talking! Excellent Job Derek and thank you for representing North Shore so well as part of our Saskatchewan operations.

Congratulations to these three individuals! North Shore would like to thank all its staff for their hard work and contributions throughout the busy fall season. We are an organization defined by the very people who work here, and we are an organization that we are very proud of.

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