Recognizing Employee Achievements – November 2020

As we come into the home stretch of closing out 2020 projects, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize a few individuals for their contributions and efforts in helping ensure the overall success and timely execution of many of North Shore’s on-going projects. For the month of November, the following individuals are being recognized:

Cale Bennett

Cale joined the Technical Resource Group (TRG) midway through 2018 and has since played a key role within both the TRG and our organization as a whole. As a Senior Technical Report Reviewer and Advisor, Cale supports our various project teams with report reviews, template development, work plans, cost estimates, and analytical review. Additionally, Cale has taken a lead role in mentoring and providing direction to our more junior office and field staff with respect to B.C. regulations and guidelines. Cale is patient, easy-going, and is always willing to support project teams in any capacity he can. He is a great leader and plays an important role in ensuring the success of client projects. The TRG is extremely lucky to have Cale as part of our team and we would like to extend a big thank you to him for all of his hard work.

Ryan White

Throughout the 2020 season, Ryan has proven that he is a very well-rounded consultant who knows how to think on his feet, make critical decisions, and complete work safely. Ryan has successfully completed a variety of projects, ranging from full scale reclamations, a large remediation with multiple areas of concern, native prairie detailed site assessments, and numerous Phase 2 environmental site assessments. He was also a prime client contact for one of North Shore’s junior oil and gas clients, showing that he is able to communicate and operate on a Project Management level. Throughout the year, Ryan’s peers have consistently acknowledged Ryan’s exemplary field notes, timely updates, and overall organization skills. Ryan is a very versatile consultant at North Shore and is an asset to not only the reclamation and remediation team, but to multiple divisions within the company. Thank you Ryan for your high standard of work ethic, your ability to adapt and support, and your ongoing commitment to safety.  

Lucas Hewitt

Lucas started with North Shore as an Environmental Consultant in 2014 and over the last six years he has grown into a strong leader within the company. He is a self-driven individual who is known for his positive attitude and adaptability. Over the last couple of years, Lucas has taken on the Project Management duties of one of North Shore’s large client programs in northeastern British Columbia. This has required mastering various new client processes and regulatory criteria all while managing and training a large team of field staff. Lucas has taken on these duties in stride and has been instrumental in the success of the program. When he’s not managing client programs, completing field work, or mentoring junior staff, Lucas still finds the time to impress his colleagues with his tremendous baking skills! Thank you Lucas for your hard work and dedication!

Kyle Selle

Kyle is well known for his contributions within North Shore’s spill team, but he also deserves recognition for his tireless call to duty throughout our other service branches.  Kyle has made a concerted effort over the last few years to diversify his knowledge and gain experience in any role North Shore has to offer.  Whether he is conducting SST Phase 2 site assessments, reclamation, air monitoring, or helping out with wildlife sweeps, he is always willing to lend a hand to get the job done.  Kyle recently applied all of his diverse knowledge while assisting with a large scale spill response and remediation project for a high priority client; his leadership and ability to work alongside our clients, contractors, and peers within the industry helped ensure this particular project was successful.  North Shore thanks you Kyle for a job well done!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s hard work over the last month as we round the bend of closing out our 2020 workloads. Take care everyone and stay safe!

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