It has been a very busy and extended winter season and all of us are looking forward to the spring weather. For the month of March, North Shore’s operational management team would like to recognize a few individuals who demonstrated considerable effort and initiative over the last month in ensuring client programs were completed safely and effectively.

Joey Woehleke                                                                                       

Joey has been an essential member of the Emission Management & Services Group since he first joined North Shore in November 2018. Joey continues to contribute to the team by taking on additional responsibilities and workloads while keeping a high level of dedication to the team and to North Shore’s clients. He has been a great mentor to new and more junior staff providing field training and technical support. Joey goes above and beyond whether it’s putting in extra time to complete proposals and reports or ensuring clear communication and dedication to clients to ensure strict deadlines are met. His deliverables are always concise, organized, and most importantly, appreciated by the client. Great work Joey, glad you’re on our team!

Derek Morris

Derek has been instrumental in ensuring client field programs progressed during unexpected conditions and very tight timelines. Derek’s dedication and determination was very apparent when working on a few client programs that presented some significant logistical and resourcing challenges based on required timelines. Derek immediately volunteered to fill in where needed and provided both field level and project management support to ensure the work was completed safely and within the allowable timeframes. Derek also participated in a field safety and compliance audit by one of the provincial regulators where he successfully demonstrated both technical and safety competencies and represented North Shore very well. Derek has certainly proven himself as a very versatile, organized, and valuable asset to North Shore’s operations.  Awesome work Derek!  

Jaden Kapiniak

Jaden recently became a full-time member of the Remediation and Reclamation group and did a fantastic job this winter working in some very challenging and remote areas of Alberta. Jaden began the winter helping out with a large winter Phase 2 ESA program in northwestern Alberta. He adapted well to the northern living and tough winter conditions while completing Phase 2 ESA’s and then transitioned to completing winter reclamation projects in northern areas of the province during the end of season push. Jaden put a strong focus on safety and worked very hard to learn and overcome the challenges of very difficult programs. Jaden kept a positive “can-do” attitude and showed a very strong willingness to learn. Thank you very much for your hard work and positive attitude Jaden.

Logan Beaumont

Being one of North Shore’s more experienced field staff, Logan was relied on heavily this past winter to complete one of our northern winter programs. Logan’s leadership, vast experience, and professionalism was on full display as he took on many challenges throughout the winter. From weather extremes to tight/varying project deadlines and ongoing heavy equipment shortages, Logan maintained a positive attitude, and ran a very safe and successful winter program. Logan’s commitment to safety, open communication, along with his easy going but hard working attitude has earned him a high level of trust and respect with client representatives, colleagues, and contractors alike. Thank you, Logan for all the continued hard work and dedication to the North Shore team!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore would like to thank all its staff for their hard work and contributions throughout the month of March and the past winter season. We look forward to this spring to decompress from a busy winter, plan our summer programs, and hopefully enjoy some time outside as the spring sounds and colors start to show.

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