As we mark the approximate halfway point of the summer season, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding contributions and efforts.

This month, the following individuals are being recognized:

Jon Yasinski                                                                                             

Jon joined North Shore’s Spill Division in May 2021 and is based out of Whitecourt, Alberta. Even through the challenges of working remotely, Jon was able to integrate himself quickly into the company and has fit in well with the Spill Team personnel. He has also shown to be a real team player, supporting on both Biophysical and Remediation/Reclamation projects whenever possible. Most recently, Jon has shown great initiative and has done an incredible job of helping to further develop North Shore’s aquatics capabilities; he was instrumental in getting North Shore approved as a Qualified Service Provider under Alberta’s Roadway and Watercourse Crossing Program. Awesome work Jon! It’s great to have you as a part of the North Shore team!

Derek Morris

As a seasoned veteran of fast-paced and variable project types, Derek has been an integral leader of North Shore’s Saskatchewan operations. Unless he’s busy cheering for the Roughriders on game day, Derek can always be counted on to get projects completed safely, and to the client’s satisfaction. Derek has done an excellent job this summer ensuring some of North Shore’s large municipal projects were completed without any significant delays (despite the weather), and his resourcefulness and personal dedication saw these projects through. Awesome work Derek! Your dedication and expertise have certainly not gone unnoticed!

Dylon Lakevold

Dylon has only been with us for a few months, but in that time he has settled in nicely as a member of the North Shore team, as well as impressed his fellow colleagues. Dylon is a quick learner and readily accepts new tasks and challenges in stride. In his short time with us, Dylon has been exposed to various assessment, reclamation, and vegetation management projects throughout Alberta. Currently, Dylon is tackling a large volume of site visits in the far reaches of northern Alberta as part of an Area Based Closure program. His resourcefulness, organizational skills, and safety conscious attitude have resulted in a smooth start to the program, and he is already receiving praise from both the client and his supervisors alike. Dylon has been a great addition to the North Shore team. Good job Dylon – keep up the great work!

Congratulations to these three individuals! North Shore would like to thank all of its staff for their hard work and contributions over the last few months. We wish everyone a safe and productive August and we hope everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of the warm summer weather and what’s left of the summer season!

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