It’s certainly been an interesting start to 2022 for everyone. With crazy temperature swings, continued changes to COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, and additional pressure placed on supply chains for all industries, there have been significant challenges to overcome both professionally and personally for everyone. North Shore’s operational management team would like to recognize some individuals who demonstrated considerable effort and initiative over the last month to help navigate these challenges. For the month of January, we would like to recognize the following:

Katherine Taylor                                                                                    

Katherine has done an excellent job transitioning into to her new role within North Shore’s Air and Regulatory division. Katherine is extremely well-organized, dedicated, and has proven to be a critical member of the team. She has taken on new and additional responsibilities and has performed well under the challenges and additional workloads the team has faced. Katherine exhibits great dedication to North Shore and our clients, and we are very fortunate to have her as part of our organization. Awesome work Katherine!

Coel Bazinet

Coel has put forth significant effort and dedication when tasked with additional responsibilities over the last few months. After some internal changes to North Shore’s operational divisions, Coel stepped forward on short notice to take on additional project management responsibilities for various client programs. Coel has done an amazing job during this transitional period and has really demonstrated his ability to be adaptable and versatile, lending a hand whenever needed, and ensuring the success of North Shore’s client programs. Thank you Coel for you hard work, dedication, and positive attitude!

Cody McLean

Cody has been an integral part of one of North Shore’s remote northern winter programs this year. He has taken on the role as a field leader in stride, and his attention to detail and positive attitude have been key to the program’s success so far. Cody’s focus on safety and on-going communication has been exemplary, which is extremely important working in remote areas during the winter months. Thank you, Cody, and keep up the great work!

Congratulations to these three individuals! North Shore would like to thank all its staff for their hard work and contributions throughout January despite the ever-changing weather conditions and other challenges staff are facing both at work and at home. We wish everyone a safe and productive February and we look forward to continuing to navigate and overcome these challenges for continued success in 2022.

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