Recognizing Employee Achievements – February 2021

With the winter season winding down and break-up just around the corner, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding contributions and efforts for the month of February. The following individuals are being recognized:

Mandy Rietze 

Since joining North Shore in 2010, Mandy has worn many different hats. She has been a key employee behind the scenes, providing administration, invoicing, reporting, and database support. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Mandy has also assisted with marketing initiatives, organized social events, and has even tested the waters as a draftsperson. Over the past few years, Mandy has been an integral pillar in terms of managing client databases. She is engrossed daily in SiteView, entering field updates, running and analyzing reports, entering invoices, and completing quality assurance reviews. Her attention to detail and ability to analyze has not only alleviated the workload of many North Shore’s Supervisors and Managers, but has also helped North Shore set the bar in terms of SiteView management. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mandy has once again gone above and beyond, assisting with Covid protocols including preparing signage, compiling tracking documents, and ensuring that the necessary safety supplies are available to staff that periodically come into the office. Mandy’s dedication and willingness to support wherever support is needed is very much appreciated and North Shore is very fortunate to have her as part of our team.         

Aaron Batke

Aaron is a key member of North Shore’s Remediation/Reclamation team. Aaron is an extremely hard working individual and a jack of all trades. He is always someone that can be relied upon to take initiative, volunteer to help whenever needed, and complete consistent and high quality work. Whether it’s managing a client, digging a soil pit, or completing a complex remediation, Aaron can always be counted on. Aaron’s calm demeanor and friendly nature makes him great in any situation that he faces and a tremendous mentor for North Shore’s junior staff. Thank you Aaron and keep up the great work!

Tianna Magis

Tianna started her career with North Shore ten years ago and is currently the Phase 1 ESA Reporting and Drafting Supervisor. Tianna puts teamwork and communication first, which has resulted in the successful completion of multiple large-scale Phase 1 ESA programs. Tianna empowers people, encourages participation, and provides mentorship to members of her team. She possesses an innate ability to think and operate in different directions at the same time and makes teamwork natural by actively including people.  With her decade of experience, Tianna’s genuine and patient disposition makes her easily approachable for anyone seeking guidance or direction on a project. She is a strong female leader, an important member of the North Shore family, and her energy and enthusiasm have a positive effect on us all. On behalf of the TRG and North Shore, we would like to thank Tianna for all her hard work and contributions to our team.

Tanner Nesbitt

Tanner has been the lead on all the Baseline Reduction Opportunity Assessment (BROA) applications for funding under the Government of Alberta. By the end of February, Tanner had successfully submitted applications and received approvals for over 10 clients. So far, Tanner has had a 100% success rate for the BROA program. Aside from program applications, Tanner has also been integral in the scheduling and execution of field activities related to the program, and has even managed to carve out some field work where he is able to. Thank you Tanner for all your hard work and dedication!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s hard work over the last month. As we continue to wrap up winter programs and begin to plan and initiate our spring and summer projects, we continue to be excited for what 2021 holds for North Shore.

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