Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone managed to have a wonderful holiday break and enjoy some rest and relaxation despite the bitterly cold weather. As we start to initiate our busy winter programs for 2022, North Shore’s operational management team would like to recognize some individuals who demonstrated considerable effort and initiative over the last month. For the month of December, we would like to recognize the following:

Jessie Berzins                                                                                          

Throughout the numerous changes and challenges to North Shore’s Air, Emissions, and Regulatory team over the last few months, Jessie has been integral in ensuring client communication is maintained, project deliverables are being met, and has made significant efforts to support the team. Jessie has taken on additional leadership responsibilities within the team with enthusiasm and confidence, all while still completing her regular workloads and reporting. Thank you, Jessie, for all your hard work, dedication, and ability to adapt to challenges with a positive attitude. North Shore is very fortunate to have you as part of our organization.

Simon Fense

Simon has been a key asset to North Shore’s emissions testing programs over the last few months. Throughout the months of November and December, Simon had a very demanding field schedule throughout both Alberta and British Columbia, which required a significant amount of logistical organization to execute. Simon did an excellent job in ensuring the required field work was completed on time and safely despite numerous challenges. Simon also made additional efforts to volunteer wherever possible during the very busy end of the year reporting push to support the Air and Emissions team in meeting critical client and regulatory deadlines. Simon continues to excel within North Shore and is always looking for new challenges to further his expertise and experience through the organizations various service areas. Well done, Simon, North Shore appreciates all your hard work and dedication!

Congratulations to these two individuals! North Shore would like to thank all its staff for their hard work and contributions throughout 2021, especially as the year came to a close. We hope that 2022 is even more successful than 2021 and we are excited for the new challenges, successes, and experiences it may have in store for us. We wish everyone a safe and happy start to the New Year.

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