For many, it was thought April would be a time to relax a little and recharge. However, things remained incredibly busy and North Shore’s operational management team would like to acknowledge some of their North Shore teammates for their efforts. These individuals exhibited considerable energy and thoughtfulness during April, leading to a safe and successful month.

Chad Benson

An anchor in our Accounting Team, Chad joined North Shore in July 2011.  Since joining North Shore, he completed his CPA/CMA designation and was promoted to Accounting Coordinator.  Chad currently supervises a team of 4 people, and his primary tasks include invoicing supervision, day-to-day accounting reporting and training for the department.  He also regularly interacts with people across the company to address any issues with reporting and to provide insights and training on process.  Chad is known for being flexible and reliable.  Great work Chad, we appreciate your hard work!

Brent Tough

Brent is one of North Shore’s Senior Field Leads and recently celebrated his 5-year anniversary with the company. For complex assessment and remediation projects, Brent is regularly relied upon to supervise and manage the field aspects of the project. Brent’s great knowledge base and communication skills allows him to excel at being a mentor and train our new and junior staff. His calm demeanour and fun personality make Phase 2 ESA’s at -25C in February feel like a vacation! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Brent!

Shauna Stack  

Shauna is an integral member of North Shore’s Technical Resource Group (TRG). She has been responsible for supporting our Data Management Group with training, developing and fine tuning of our internal systems and processes. Over the past six months, Shauna supported the Regulatory Compliance team by preparing a large volume of Soil and Groundwater Monitoring program reports authorized under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA). Shauna did an amazing job of organizing, tracking, and ensuring that all projects were completed on time and within budget. We would like to recognize and thank Shauna for her contributions to the 2021 EPEA programs; the success of these projects were a direct result of Shauna’s hard work and the importance she places on the quality of reporting. A versatile consultant, her positive attitude and enthusiasm make Shauna a valuable asset to North Shore. Thank you, Shauna, for your high standard of work and continued support to our organization.

Taylor Adams

Taylor is relatively new to North Shore but has quickly taken it upon herself to become fully emersed and educated in the many logistical requirements and challenges of coordinating North Shore’s field equipment inventory. Taylor has done an excellent job in a very short period of time to learn North Shore’s equipment inventory, the maintenance requirements related to each piece of field equipment, and working with field staff to ensure they have what they need to be successful with their projects. As with any equipment, troubleshooting and problem solving is often required and Taylor has done an excellent job addressing and taking the initiative to rectify these challenges. With a very busy field season kicking off, North Shore is very lucky to have Taylor as part of the team and supporting our overall operations. Awesome job Taylor!

Thank you to these four individuals for making North Shore such an enjoyable place to work! We hope May will provide more opportunities for our staff to grow and shine.

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