Recognizing Employee Achievements – April 2021

As the spring/summer field season starts to ramp up, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding contributions and efforts for the month of April. This month, the following individuals are being recognized:

Marnie Christensen                                                                               

Marnie has become a cornerstone of the Air and Regulatory team. Over the last several months, Marnie has advanced as a technical lead for numerous regulatory projects while also providing occasional support on biophysical proposals and Phase I ESA reporting. Despite the new addition that will be joining her growing family shortly, Marnie has taken on many new and unique tasks, such as coordinating significant greenhouse gas funding applications and emissions reduction plans for key Saskatchewan clients. Marnie has proven herself as the “Swiss army knife” of the Air and Regulatory team. Thank you for all your hard work Marnie!

Rick Verburgh

Rick has really put in the extra effort and dedication over the last couple months lending drafting support to the TRG and Spill groups. Much of this effort has been after hours with deadlines to satisfy specific client and regulator project requirements. Rick has certainly committed to taking on these challenging projects and has ensured that both field and office staff have been adequately supported to ensure project deliverables are met. Thank you Rick for all your efforts to ensure North Shore continues to be successful with these highly demanding projects.

Scott Mathieson

Scott has been with North Shore since 2013 and has worn several hats during his time with us. Whether it is remediation or reclamation field work, business development, marketing, or project management, Scott is always someone that can be relied upon. Scott’s current role as a Client Coordinator has him managing some of North Shore’s larger client assessment and reclamation portfolios. Scott has also recently taken on the management of North Shore’s EPEA Soil and Groundwater Monitoring programs. Scott does a great job of maintaining client relationships and working closely with field staff and other internal divisions to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget. Well done Scott and thank you for your attention to detail and dedication to ensuring many of these larger client programs are executed safely and to our clients’ satisfaction.

Desiree Macor

Desiree is an integral part of North Shore’s Remediation/Reclamation team. Desiree has a versatile set of skills and experience and is someone that consistently completes quality work. Over this past winter, Desiree was a key member of North Shore’s field team completing various projects throughout northeastern British Columbia in conjunction with our client’s Area Based Closure programs. In this somewhat chaotic and ever-changing environment, Desiree’s abilities as a natural leader were at the forefront. She helped keep projects on track, mentored and trained junior staff, and was a calming presence for everyone involved when things got a little bit stressful! Thank you Desiree and great work!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s hard work over the last several months. We remain excited for 2021, the numerous projects that we have on the go, and the new staff we have recently brought in to North Shore’s family. There’s no doubt that the year will contain many challenges, but by relying on our outstanding staff, North Shore is confident that any challenges will be overcome and we will continue to be successful.

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