Recognizing Employee Achievements – August 2020

North Shore’s Management Operations Board (MOB) would like to take a moment to recognize a few of the individuals who have really been going above and beyond in the last few weeks. At our last MOB meeting, the managers nominated individuals from their Divisions that they felt stood out – we actually had a lot of employees nominated, which is no surprise given the amount of hard work that has been happening during these busy summer months. Below are our winners:

Jiwon Moon

Jiwon joined North Shore in March 2020. She has a chemical engineering degree and several years’ experience as a process engineer. Jiwon joined the Air Team to support in GHG and NPRI reporting (direct support to Hillary Yeung). Jiwon demonstrated a high attention to detail, utilizing her background in process engineering, adding a different perspective to the emissions quantification projects. Through Jiwon’s hard work and dedication to learning, she excelled within the team and became an instrumental member; completing tasks that are normally given to more senior members of our team. This year’s reporting season would not have been as successful without her!

Sara Page

Over the course of the last two months, Sara has played in influential part in providing training and mentorship to new and returning members of our team. As we kick off work on many projects funded under the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program, we would like to recognize Sara’s contributions to the growth and development of our team. Sara’s patience, hard work, and attention to detail make her a strong leader within our group and organization. Sara has quickly become an expert in Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments in both Alberta and BC and her knowledge and proficiency is necessary to help ensure the success of the many projects we have in progress. Sara’s contributions to our team are a direct result of the importance she places on quality and efficiency. On behalf of the TRG and North Shore, I would like to acknowledge and thank Sara for her tireless efforts and commitment.

Mackenzie Jackson

Since he began in 2018, Mack has continually been relied on for his strong biophysical background. This month, Mack is recognized for his dedication and positive attitude in dealing with some extremely challenging schedules and countless last minute calls to head out to the field. His willingness to help out across Divisions, and learn new tasks has been a huge asset to North Shore. Mack’s practical approach to problem solving has recently been recognized not only at North Shore, but by our clients as well. Great work Mack!

Congratulations to these three individuals being recognized this month!

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