ATV Technology: Using a Russian-built ATV

At North Shore, our team is always looking for new and innovative ways to serve our clients and complete projects efficiently. This summer, our Environmental Consultants traded in air transportation for a new form of ground transportation to access a few project sites, resulting in saving time and money for our clients.

“There were a few projects we did this summer where using a helicopter was not an option,” says Aaron Batke, Environmental Consultant, out of the Sherwood Park office.

“Whether it was for budget or logistical reasons, we needed to find other modes of transportation to access the sites,” he says.

“After researching various types of ATVs and quads, we decided to test out a new style of vehicle – the SHERP,” he adds.

Aaron Batke and Lucas Hewitt inside the SHERP ATV.

SHERP ATVs are Russian-built, completely amphibious, all-terrain vehicles with capabilities to safely and effectively transport staff and equipment to various sites.

“At first glance, they look big and cumbersome, but they are actually very agile.”

The vehicle can travel at a max speed of 40 km/h and carry more than 2,200 lbs.

Aaron says operating the SHERP is simple and he and other North Shore employees really enjoyed the benefits of the vehicle while completing projects this summer.

Benefits of the SHERP

A major concern for our team substituting a helicopter with an ATV, was potentially causing damage to site access roads. By using the SHERP, this was avoided because of its low ground pressure and minimal impact on the routes, as opposed to using other types of ATVs.

“The SHERP is so spacious inside; there is enough room for all of us and all of our equipment. In the past when using quads to access sites, we have been forced to make several trips to and from the sites to transport our gear and equipment, but with the SHERP, we can take everything at once and that really saves time.”

The SHERP can move around obstacles with ease, making it easy for our Environmental Consultants to access sites with fallen trees, logs, and long grassy, bushy areas.

The SHERP was used on several projects this year to help save time and money for North Shore clients.

Aside from being enclosed, the SHERP can float on bodies of water, and be used in snowy and icy conditions, making it a great choice for our Canadian winters.

“Travelling through water is easy,” he explains. “I was a little hesitant entering water and muskeg areas the first time, but to my surprise, we were able to navigate these areas with ease while causing very minimal disturbance to the environment.”

Future Projects

Going forward, North Shore will continue to use the SHERP ATVs for certain projects. The feedback from our team of consultants has been positive and our clients have been happy with the results.

“I think they are great machines and they offer a lot of versatility. They adapt well to the changing landscapes and I look forward to spending more time using them!”

More Information

Contact us to learn more about our experience with SHERP ATVs, and how we can help with your next project.

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