Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program – Update #5

As many are now aware, initial details for Period 5 and Period 6 of Alberta’s Site Rehabilitation Program (ASRP) were released yesterday (November 26th) which outline high level details regarding allocations and eligibility related to each funding Period. Further details regarding these funding periods will be released in early 2021 with online grant application submissions anticipated to start on February 1st, 2021. An update to the ASRP Guidelines document was also released yesterday with additional clarifications and amendments to the program. All program updates including recent funding Period details can be found on ASRP’s webpage here:

Additionally, the Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA), through its participation in the ASRP Industry Advisory Committee, also released further details in regards to yesterday’s program updates which can be found here: One important item to note is that ASRP has revised the industry benchmarking to create a new structure of cost reasonableness as it relates to grant application amounts being approved for each activity. This is excellent news as it will potentially address those previously approved and short-funded applications to allow the work to proceed.

Over the last number of months, North Shore has been very busy working with licensees and other service providers making applications and executing approved work through the program. We are extremely fortunate and thankful to work with some great companies who all share the same values and work ethic to ensure overall success of the program.

With many applications still being made for Period 4, coupled with the recent announcement of Periods 5 and 6 application timelines, preliminary planning and sequencing of closure activities continues to be key to the success of the program. North Shore is committed to working with licensees, contractors, and other key stakeholders to ensure eligible funding allocations are utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible. As well, with revisions to benchmarking, North Shore will be sure to update applicable licensees and contractors with any grant approval re-assessment details immediately as they are received to ensure adequate planning and execution schedules are maintained. 

North Shore would like to thank all the licensees, service providers, and other key stakeholders for participating in the program and continuing to work with us throughout the process. We look forward to continuing these relationships in an effort for everyone to benefit.

For additional information on how to work with North Shore as part of the ASRP program and/or to participate in future funding periods, please contact us either by phone or the email below.

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