Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program – Update #4

Over the past several months North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc. (North Shore) has been extremely successfully on the Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) with Backwoods Energy Services (Backwoods), a 100% Indigenous-owned company in Alberta. Backwoods is one of the largest Indigenous-Community owned companies in Canada offering site services relating to civil contracting, abandonment, decommissioning, and waste disposal. Period 4 of SRP has just been announced and Alberta Energy has confirmed that grant funding will be increased up to 100 per cent of the OFS/Licensee contract value if the Licensee hires Indigenous contractors. We are anticipating that North Shore, in conjunction with Backwoods, will have the opportunity and capacity to successfully apply for grant funding under Period 4 and maximize the potential benefit to all stakeholders.

If you are interested in discussing Period 4 grant funding opportunities with North Shore and our working relationship with Backwoods, please contact us at Additional background information on Backwoods and details regarding their services can be found here:

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