Welcome to North Shore

North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc. (North Shore) is a progressive environmental company based in Sherwood Park, Alberta. North Shore offers cost efficient and effective solutions to the complex environmental challenges faced by today's industries.

North Shore will be synonymous with Environmental Consulting in Western Canada. We will be recognized for our outstanding individuals as well as company culture and exceptional client service.

Whether it is upstream oil and gas reclamation and remediation, reclamation of borrow excavations or Emission and Regulatory Compliance services, North Shore delivers results that satisfy the particular needs of both the client and regulators.

North Shore draws from a deep resource pool both from within the organization and from relationships developed between other environmental companies and individuals working in the environmental sector. These relationships are essential in providing the client with the most comprehensive and efficient solutions to their projects.

Careers at North Shore

North Shore is ever evolving, keeping staff interested and challenged and allowing them to grow with the company.  Everyone at North Shore contributes to the corporate culture which is why we are able to attract great people.  We have strong leaders, mentors and motivators. 

 We keep people engaged by creating a successful and fun working environment. The team building time at North Shore is a priority, and we are always looking for new opportunities and challenges to engage our staff.