It’s certainly beginning to feel like fall, isn’t it? As North Shore continues to push through what’s remaining of our summer season, the operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their exceptional contributions and efforts. This month, the following individuals are being recognized:

Lauren Gore-Hickman                                                                          

Lauren started with North Shore early this spring and was immediately exposed to North Shore’s fast paced field assessment season. With a positive attitude and willingness to take on new challenges, Lauren found herself covering many areas of northeastern Alberta over the summer as part of North Shore’s numerous Oil Sands Exploration (OSE) assessment and reclamation programs. With her keen ability to adapt and multi-task, Lauren has been key to ensuring safe and efficient project work is completed. Awesome job Lauren and thank you for all your hard work!

Matt Henry

After a prior career in the trades, Matt joined North Shore as a new grad in the environmental field earlier this season. Matt has been supporting North Shore’s fugitive emissions projects and through his ability to quickly learn and understand tasks and processes, he has become a significant asset to North Shore’s Air and Regulatory Division. Over the past month, Matt has been vital for project completion and has taken the initiative to shoulder responsibilities on his own to meet various deliverables. Despite some long days and a steep learning curve, Matt always maintains a positive attitude and has been dedicated to ensuring projects are completed to client expectations. Terrific work Matt and it’s great to have you as part of the North Shore team!

Ashley Rudachyk

Ashley is based out of North Shore’s Regina office (Go Riders!) and over the course of the field season has been exposed to many different projects throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Whether she is assessing pipeline integrity dig disturbances, completing Phase 2 ESA’s, initiating chemical vegetation control programs, or overseeing construction activities, Ashley always seems to take things in stride and is more than happy to take on responsibility and ensure the work gets done. A big thank you to Ashley for all her hard work and dedication! 

Teresa Rosales

Teresa has been responsible for North Shore’s corporate equipment management as well as administrative duties in the Sherwood Park office. Since coming on board, Teresa has transformed the Sherwood Park offices and bays into a very organized and user friendly space. So much so, that numerous staff have commented on the night and day difference of our work space. Aside from organizational talents, Teresa has also managed to ensure that field staff have what they need and when they need it during this very busy field season. Thank you Teresa for your maintenance and continuous improvement to all of North Shore’s day to day needs that are often overlooked. It has certainly not gone unnoticed!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore would like to thank all its staff for their hard work and contributions over the last few months. As we come into the fall season, we understand that the race is on to finish up many of our planned summer projects. North Shore is very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of professionals all working as a team and contributing to its continued success.

As we mark the approximate halfway point of the summer season, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding contributions and efforts.

This month, the following individuals are being recognized:

Jon Yasinski                                                                                             

Jon joined North Shore’s Spill Division in May 2021 and is based out of Whitecourt, Alberta. Even through the challenges of working remotely, Jon was able to integrate himself quickly into the company and has fit in well with the Spill Team personnel. He has also shown to be a real team player, supporting on both Biophysical and Remediation/Reclamation projects whenever possible. Most recently, Jon has shown great initiative and has done an incredible job of helping to further develop North Shore’s aquatics capabilities; he was instrumental in getting North Shore approved as a Qualified Service Provider under Alberta’s Roadway and Watercourse Crossing Program. Awesome work Jon! It’s great to have you as a part of the North Shore team!

Derek Morris

As a seasoned veteran of fast-paced and variable project types, Derek has been an integral leader of North Shore’s Saskatchewan operations. Unless he’s busy cheering for the Roughriders on game day, Derek can always be counted on to get projects completed safely, and to the client’s satisfaction. Derek has done an excellent job this summer ensuring some of North Shore’s large municipal projects were completed without any significant delays (despite the weather), and his resourcefulness and personal dedication saw these projects through. Awesome work Derek! Your dedication and expertise have certainly not gone unnoticed!

Dylon Lakevold

Dylon has only been with us for a few months, but in that time he has settled in nicely as a member of the North Shore team, as well as impressed his fellow colleagues. Dylon is a quick learner and readily accepts new tasks and challenges in stride. In his short time with us, Dylon has been exposed to various assessment, reclamation, and vegetation management projects throughout Alberta. Currently, Dylon is tackling a large volume of site visits in the far reaches of northern Alberta as part of an Area Based Closure program. His resourcefulness, organizational skills, and safety conscious attitude have resulted in a smooth start to the program, and he is already receiving praise from both the client and his supervisors alike. Dylon has been a great addition to the North Shore team. Good job Dylon – keep up the great work!

Congratulations to these three individuals! North Shore would like to thank all of its staff for their hard work and contributions over the last few months. We wish everyone a safe and productive August and we hope everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of the warm summer weather and what’s left of the summer season!

North Shore’s Management Operations Board (MOB) would like to take a moment to recognize a few of the individuals who have really been going above and beyond in the last few weeks. At our last MOB meeting, the managers nominated individuals from their Divisions that they felt stood out – we actually had a lot of employees nominated, which is no surprise given the amount of hard work that has been happening during these busy summer months. Below are our winners:

Jiwon Moon

Jiwon joined North Shore in March 2020. She has a chemical engineering degree and several years’ experience as a process engineer. Jiwon joined the Air Team to support in GHG and NPRI reporting (direct support to Hillary Yeung). Jiwon demonstrated a high attention to detail, utilizing her background in process engineering, adding a different perspective to the emissions quantification projects. Through Jiwon’s hard work and dedication to learning, she excelled within the team and became an instrumental member; completing tasks that are normally given to more senior members of our team. This year’s reporting season would not have been as successful without her!

Sara Page

Over the course of the last two months, Sara has played in influential part in providing training and mentorship to new and returning members of our team. As we kick off work on many projects funded under the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program, we would like to recognize Sara’s contributions to the growth and development of our team. Sara’s patience, hard work, and attention to detail make her a strong leader within our group and organization. Sara has quickly become an expert in Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments in both Alberta and BC and her knowledge and proficiency is necessary to help ensure the success of the many projects we have in progress. Sara’s contributions to our team are a direct result of the importance she places on quality and efficiency. On behalf of the TRG and North Shore, I would like to acknowledge and thank Sara for her tireless efforts and commitment.

Mackenzie Jackson

Since he began in 2018, Mack has continually been relied on for his strong biophysical background. This month, Mack is recognized for his dedication and positive attitude in dealing with some extremely challenging schedules and countless last minute calls to head out to the field. His willingness to help out across Divisions, and learn new tasks has been a huge asset to North Shore. Mack’s practical approach to problem solving has recently been recognized not only at North Shore, but by our clients as well. Great work Mack!

Congratulations to these three individuals being recognized this month!

Wendy Margetts joined North Shore’s Biophysical Team in February 2018 as a Junior Environmental Consultant. Wendy was excited about this role, as she knew it involved spending a lot of time working outdoors.

“Any day that I get to be outside in the field is a good day,” she says.

As an avid camper and hiker, Wendy feels lucky to have a career that allows her to explore nature frequently.

Within her role, she supports a number of important tasks related to vegetation, wetlands, aquatics, and wildlife to help our clients meet regulatory requirements. One of her favourite tasks is completing on-site assessments, where she inspects potential project areas with a “fine-tooth comb” looking for anything that requires special attention.

This can include interesting plant species, bear dens, animal tracks, stick nests, etc. Once these items are highlighted and presented to our clients, it helps determine how they proceed with projects.

International Experience

Wendy and the children she was teaching on Nagtabon Beach, Philippines.

After completing her Bachelor of Environmental Science and Ecology Degree in 2015 from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Wendy spent time in Costa Rica working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre and in the Philippines teaching children’s education programs promoting marine life.

“Completing the internship in the Philippines was such an amazing experience,” she says. “Most of my time was spent teaching locals from nearby villages about environmental protection and conservation.”

“I lived there for about seven months and it was absolutely beautiful.”

When she returned to Canada she landed a role with the Calgary Zoo, where she continued teaching programs for school-aged children, but she was still on the hunt for field-based work.

“I was teaching a variety of programs surrounding environmental education for kids in kindergarten to Grade 12, but I felt like I didn’t know enough about the natural environment in Canada. I was teaching it, but I wanted more first-hand experience with it.”

Learning New Skills

In the spring of 2018, shortly after starting with North Shore, Wendy was ready for some “hands-on experience” after being sent to Northern Alberta on an emergency spill response project for a client.

Her role was to help assess the environmental impacts of a suspected pipeline leak. Having never been part of a spill project before, Wendy jumped at the chance to work in the field for three weeks.

“I went up there initially to be a helping hand; to sample soil and water, or whatever they needed, but they ended up asking me to be part of creating the vegetation management plan.”

 A task she gladly took on.

Since pipelines are deep underground, detecting a leak is often quite difficult. The spill response team looks for a variety of evidence that can point towards a leak – including stressed vegetation.

“Through my discoveries, I was able to show where the spill path was based on what the vegetation looked like,” she says. “On this particular project we were looking for wilted leaves and discolouration.”

“Once the specific areas were noted, the spill team worked with the client to finish the project.”

Volunteering in Nature  

Wendy’s passion for nature is also present in her volunteer efforts. Through the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), she runs educational programs for newcomers to Canada to help them better understand the Canadian landscape, particularly with local parks, water systems, and bear safety. 

“It is just so fun!” she says.

“There are people from all over the world. In my last group there were people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Brazil,” she explains. “We want them to know they have free access to parks and they can take advantage of camping, hiking, and fishing, because back home they might not have been able to do those activities recreationally.”

“I love to connect with them and I love to learn about their cultures as well. It definitely goes both ways!”

Wendy plans to bring her passion for volunteering to the workplace by setting up a group opportunity for North Shore employees to give back in 2019.

More Information

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After several years of living in Alberta and commuting to and from Saskatchewan for work, Todd Clouse moved to Regina to manage North Shore’s Saskatchewan office. The Clouse family became permanent residents of Saskatchewan in July 2018 and Todd says it was a move they were happy to make.

“As much as I enjoyed my time in Alberta, I really like the fact that I’m back in Saskatchewan,” Todd says.

Having lived in a number of small towns in Saskatchewan while growing up, Todd is happy to return to a familiar place to raise his family.

“I have three young, very active kids at home, so my wife and I spend a lot of time with them. We enjoy camping and fishing in the summer, and Saskatchewan has a lot of great areas for us to spend time outdoors.”

Todd and his Son at the Saskatchewan Roughriders game.

Expanding our Scope

With an increase of client work in the Saskatchewan area, the decision was made to move into a larger office space for future growth, which meant creating a Regional Director position – and who better than Todd – who already knew the area and clients extremely well.

“After accepting my new role as Regional Director here in Regina, I have slowly transitioned out of the field and into more of an executive management role,” he says. “I enjoy mentoring junior staff and helping them grow their careers.”

Like any new role, Todd says the past six months have been busy for both him and the team in Regina. However, he is happy to share that everyone has settled nicely into their roles, and they are enjoying serving our clients locally, as well as taking time to give back to the community. 

“North Shore regularly gives unused Saskatchewan Roughriders tickets to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Regina, my wife and daughter volunteer at the Humane Society, and last year over the holiday season we provided food and gifts to a family in need through the Salvation Army’s ‘Adopt-a-Family’ program.”

Future Plans

Over the next few months, time will be spent growing the business in the Saskatchewan Region and Todd’s team will be looking to take on new projects and continuing to build relationships with the local community.

“This is a great place to do business,” Todd says. “There are so many great opportunities for North Shore to work with new clients. We are looking forward to meeting with them and showing them what North Shore is all about – a hardworking company with a family focus.”

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