Ann joined North Shore 15 years ago in our first Sherwood Park office. I distinctly remember the day she interviewed, a new grad from NAIT Biological Sciences and Forestry, she had 2 years of experience as a Forestry Technician, and she was just coming back from her first maternity leave. Ann was exactly who we were looking for, a fresh, optimistic person, willing to take on any challenge. Fast forward 15 years later, Ann is the Manager of our Technical Resource Group with 4 separate divisions and 13 team members ranging from new grads to Senior Specialists.

As Technical Resource Group (TRG) Manager, Ann works to support project teams and promote consistency in technical reporting at North Shore by developing and ensuring the implementation of policies and procedures for the team. She provides technical advice and manages the Data Management Group (DMG), Drafting, Phase I ESA Reporting Team and the Senior Specialists to support the preparation, compilation and review of various technical reports including environmental site assessments, remediation, spill and reclamation projects.

When asked what the best part is about working at North Shore, Ann answered “the people, I love working with such a diverse group of professionals” she explained. “I get to collaborate with different Divisions and project teams, each group has their own roles but we all work together for the same goal. This position exposes me to new challenges daily and allows for both personal and professional growth and the opportunity to create relationships with people throughout the organization.”

Team Growth & Leadership

Over the past few years Ann’s team of professionals has grown significantly. Curiously I asked her what she looks for in an interview candidate.  She smiled and said “someone with energy, and who is self-motivated. I always gravitate to people who show the initiative and who are outwardly positive. We work within a highly functioning team environment and we all have to be dependable and organized, especially in a remote workplace.”

Ann’s team is professionally diverse but it is 75% female. She is a strong female leader and some of the members of her team have been with her for almost a decade. When asked about what the best part about working with Ann was, Tianna, one of Ann’s senior members and TRG Supervisor replied “I have learnt so much from Ann. She’s an incredibly fair manager that has provided stepping stones for me to learn the ins and outs of the industry. I don’t know if I could pin point one thing that I feel is the best part of working with her. It might be her disposition which is always warm and her willingness to help solve any issue. She really takes her group’s well-being to heart”.


Outside of the North Shore family, Ann has a family of two wonderful teenage girls, a great husband, Rob and 2 beautiful Airedales, Charlie and Chungo. To unwind, she loves to spend time outdoors. “We have a great family tradition in our house, every Easter and Thanksgiving we take the girls and the dogs camping off the beaten track. We spend time exploring nature and disconnecting; it is important to have that time with family and a place to unwind and escape”.  I couldn’t agree with her more.

North Shore Family

Over the past 15, I have had the privilege of working with Ann. She is an extraordinary member of the North Shore Family and has positively impacted all of us. She builds teams, relationships and guides and mentors daily. We are extremely appreciative to have her in our work family and although we are all working remotely, I often take the time to virtually reach out to her. Ann brings people up and embodies leadership, we are grateful she chose to grow her career with us.

Hopefully everyone had a bountiful Halloween and managed to stock up on candy and treats while maintaining safe distances! We continue to be fortunate with decent weather coming into November which means our field staff are still very busy wrapping up projects and office staff are doing their best to keep up with reporting. The Management Operations Board (MOB) would like to recognize the following four individuals for their contributions over the last month:

Lee Ann Pettinger

As a long-standing Environmental Administrator within North Shore, Lee Ann plays an integral role in the success of our client programs. Lee Ann is a meticulous and detail orientated individual who, among many other things, oversees cost tracking, invoicing, and project updates for several Remediation/Reclamation and Spill programs (and is somehow able to keep the subtleties of various client databases straight!). In addition to her role with our client programs, Lee Ann supports internal teams including the Technical Resource Group, Accounting, and the Health and Safety team. Recently, Lee Ann has played a key role in the success of North Shore’s Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program (ASRP) funded projects by updating program costs and maintaining North Shore’s SiteView® database. Lee Ann’s positive attitude is infectious and the commitment and care that she puts towards her work can always be relied upon.

Paul Saunders

In Spring 2020, Paul took over the Project Management duties of one of North Shore’s larger and more intricate client programs. This was no easy task, as the client made numerous changes to their program over this last year including new processes, software, and additions to their internal team. With 100’s of sites to manage throughout the four corners of Alberta, Paul had to quickly learn and adapt to the new systems and processes being put in place. In addition to overseeing the execution of multiple phases of reclamation and remediation work, Paul’s new role also included collaborating with a new internal team and working with a diverse group of contractors. Paul has shown exceptional communication and organizational skills, as well as a natural ability to think outside the box. These skills have translated into a significant amount of reclamation and remediation work being successfully and safely completed this season as part of the client’s program. Congratulations to Paul on a job well done!

Emily Harrison

Emily recently celebrated her first anniversary with North Shore’s biophysical group. Over the past year, Emily has become known for the positive attitude she brings to work each day and her contribution to the overall cohesion and morale within North Shore. With Emily’s ongoing willingness to help out other groups and take on new tasks, she found herself pulled into the Spill team over the last few months working as part of a major spill response. Throughout the project, she has shown the ability to step up and take the lead where needed and has been a great overall ambassador for North Shore.

Simon Fense

Simon is a relatively new hire and has been alternating between the Remediation/Reclamation group and the Air and Regulatory group over the past few months. Simon is always looking to stay busy and find opportunities to learn new things. He has caught on well to project processes and requirements and has been a great resource to rely on by both groups. As well, while completing some air and regulatory projects over the last month, Simon was subjected to an unplanned field safety audit by the client. Simon scored 100% on the audit and the client was very impressed with how he represented North Shore’s safety culture in the field. Thank you Simon for representing North Shore so well!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s hard work over the last month. Take care everyone and stay safe!

Luckily, we have been graciously spared by Mother Nature so far coming into the full swing of fall (knock on wood…) and the weather has been great for completing and continuing many of our projects throughout western Canada. Everyone has been working very hard, putting in some long hours, and doing everything they can to finish up field work before the dreaded “S” word is upon us. North Shore would like to thank all staff for their contributions and efforts over the last month, keeping up with the demanding pace, and ensuring that our commitments are being met. As part of our regular weekly meetings, the Management Operations Board (MOB) nominated numerous individuals to be recognized for their contributions over the last month. This month the following individuals are being recognized:

Tyler Barabonoff

In late August, Tyler was called upon to complete an emergency spill response for a client in northern Alberta. After arriving on site in the later evening, Tyler initiated assessment and delineation activities within some extremely challenging site conditions to assist with the client’s active containment and recovery strategy. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, Tyler put in a significant number of hours in the field to meet the demands of both the client and the project.  These types of situations are not new to Tyler. He is a cornerstone piece of North Shore’s spill response team and has always put the needs of the client as a top priority regardless of the situation.  Tyler’s commitment and dedication has helped make North Shore’s spill response team a recognized leader in the industry.

Zac McCargar

Throughout the summer Zac has been working as part of large area based reclamation program and managing a large batch of reclamation and remediation sites in the East-Central area of the province. Aside from the sheer number of sites he has completed, he has also successfully managed a number of challenges and always presented the problem or issue to management along with a well-thought out solution to overcoming the obstacle placed in front of him. The challenges Zac faced included a seemingly endless number of rain days, multiple stakeholders per worksite, massive ‘out of the ordinary’ reclamation scenarios, continuous surface water management, a sensitive salamander species relocation, and working within restrictive wetland regulations. Zac’s ability to constructively come up with solutions to problems, as opposed to seeking out others for answers, is a true sign of an excellent consultant. Zac is recognized for the incredible dent he put into the client program site list this year, his exemplary safety record, and the commitment and care he puts into his work.

Mike Easton

As North Shore’s senior fugitive field technician, Mike has been extremely busy over the last few months completing our various client projects within a shortened time frame due to pandemic related delays and project deferrals. Mike has been an absolute workhorse, putting in a ridiculous number of hours to ensure our client projects are completed on time while maintaining the operational client relationships that North Shore has built. He’s been integral to North Shore’s Grande Prairie office, responsible for facilitating many of our internal training programs, and has managed to help grow North Shore’s list of clients for fugitive emission and other air and regulatory services. Mike has represented North Shore and the Air & Regulatory team impeccably well both in and out of the field.

Alison Wilson

Since joining the Data Management Group (DMG) last year, Alison has played an integral role in supporting our project teams by compiling and summarizing project related data. Alison has demonstrated excellent attention to detail and frequently goes above and beyond of what is expected of her. Recently, Alison played a key role in supporting our Spill Response group by ensuring she was available and putting in a significant amount of extra time to meet client expectations and ensuring the delivery of time sensitive results. Alison has proven herself to be a leader within our DMG and a valuable resource within the entire organization. Alison is reliable, dependable, and her energy and enthusiasm motivates all who work with her.

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s amazing dedication and work ethic coming in to the end of the season “push”. Take care everyone and stay safe!

North Shore’s Management Operations Board (MOB) would like to take a moment to recognize a few of the individuals who have really been going above and beyond in the last few weeks. At our last MOB meeting, the managers nominated individuals from their Divisions that they felt stood out – we actually had a lot of employees nominated, which is no surprise given the amount of hard work that has been happening during these busy summer months. Below are our winners:

Jiwon Moon

Jiwon joined North Shore in March 2020. She has a chemical engineering degree and several years’ experience as a process engineer. Jiwon joined the Air Team to support in GHG and NPRI reporting (direct support to Hillary Yeung). Jiwon demonstrated a high attention to detail, utilizing her background in process engineering, adding a different perspective to the emissions quantification projects. Through Jiwon’s hard work and dedication to learning, she excelled within the team and became an instrumental member; completing tasks that are normally given to more senior members of our team. This year’s reporting season would not have been as successful without her!

Sara Page

Over the course of the last two months, Sara has played in influential part in providing training and mentorship to new and returning members of our team. As we kick off work on many projects funded under the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program, we would like to recognize Sara’s contributions to the growth and development of our team. Sara’s patience, hard work, and attention to detail make her a strong leader within our group and organization. Sara has quickly become an expert in Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments in both Alberta and BC and her knowledge and proficiency is necessary to help ensure the success of the many projects we have in progress. Sara’s contributions to our team are a direct result of the importance she places on quality and efficiency. On behalf of the TRG and North Shore, I would like to acknowledge and thank Sara for her tireless efforts and commitment.

Mackenzie Jackson

Since he began in 2018, Mack has continually been relied on for his strong biophysical background. This month, Mack is recognized for his dedication and positive attitude in dealing with some extremely challenging schedules and countless last minute calls to head out to the field. His willingness to help out across Divisions, and learn new tasks has been a huge asset to North Shore. Mack’s practical approach to problem solving has recently been recognized not only at North Shore, but by our clients as well. Great work Mack!

Congratulations to these three individuals being recognized this month!

North Shore is extremely proud of our outstanding team members and their achievements. Earlier this year, Shauna Stack and members of the Landhäusser Research Group published a paper in the journal of Ecological Engineering titled “Surface and subsurface material selections influence the early outcomes of boreal upland forest restoration”.

The paper discussed the findings of a five-year study that assessed early tree seedling growth on a reclaimed overburden landform in a northern Alberta open-pit mine. This large-scale study covered 36 hectares of land and consisted of 13 different reconstructed soil profiles. The overall findings from this study indicated that different soil capping strategies affect the performance of forest regeneration during post-mining site reconstruction and boreal forest species may vary in responses according to their ecological life strategies. The abstract can be viewed and the electronic version of the paper can be purchased using the link below:

Science Direct Article Link

The follow-up study focused on the effect of nutrient availability in the cover soils of this site and the use of a targeted fertilizer application to improve tree growth was recently accepted for publication, stay tuned for more details!

Shauna is a Junior Environmental Scientist based out of our Sherwood Park office. Her duties include technical report writing and data management for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Phase 2 ESAs, and Detailed Site Assessments, in addition to assisting with statistical applications for contaminant projects and potential GIS work in the coming months. Shauna has five years in academic research, ranging from remote sensing applications in secondary forests, hydrological monitoring of mountain watersheds, and reclamation of open-pit mines in central and northern Alberta. For more information regarding this study, feel free to contact Shauna via