With the summer field season in full swing, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding contributions and efforts for the month of May. This month, the following individuals are being recognized:

Heather Hutton                                                                                      

Heather has a unique creativity, positive attitude, and is always wearing a smile. She is very approachable, which makes her a great communicator when collaborating with staff of all levels. With over a decade of Reclamation and Remediation experience, Heather has developed into a well-rounded consultant with a keen interest in site closure. In addition to providing senior technical review, Heather is always willing to lend support wherever it is needed, including assisting project teams with a variety of reporting work. Heather has been a key resource in ensuring that our client projects are completed on time and within budget. She has consistently proven that she can be relied upon to help ensure the success of client programs, and she has become integral member of the team. Thank you Heather for all your hard work, attention to detail, and dedication!

Coel Bazinet

Coel started with North Shore in July 2020, in the midst of our busy summer field season. Coel picked things up quickly and naturally engrained himself as part of the North Shore team. Since then, Coel has become an instrumental member of North Shore’s Remediation/Reclamation team. He quickly picks up new skills, can be relied upon to complete quality field work, and doesn’t shy away from some long days and complicated projects. Thank you for your contributions and dedication Coel!

Emily Harrison

Emily is an invaluable member of North Shore’s Biophysical team and has been an amazing team player when it comes to supporting other groups with their biophysical related needs and questions. Over the past few months, Emily has been actively pushing North Shore’s core value of ‘Innovation’ and has done an incredible job in helping to develop and improve North Shore’s field data collection and management processes. She has also emerged as a leader in conducting training sessions and presentations for these improvements, as well as in her other day-to-day duties. Awesome work Emily!

Congratulations to these three individuals! With many new project opportunities coming our way, an ever-growing roster of talented staff, and hopefully a little luck with the weather, the summer field season is shaping up to be one of our busiest ever! North Shore would like to thank all of its staff for their hard work and contributions over the last few months and we look forward to a safe and productive field season.

The following post is an interview with Melanie Banack, Remediation/Reclamation Coordinator, and was written and conducted by Kelly Zadko, VP of Business Development.

Over the past year the world has seen changes and challenges like never before. As a Consultant, Leader, and Mother, I think it is important for us to share a female perspective on the pandemic, career, work-life balance, and family.  Today I would like to share the spotlight with one of our female leaders at North Shore, Melanie Banack. Mel has been with North Shore for a decade this year! She is one of our Remediation/Reclamation Coordinators and manages our Orphan Well Association Program.

Over the past decade Mel transitioned from a Junior Consultant in the field to her role today. Currently, Melanie is a Project Manager; she manages a large client portfolio and provides technical experience and support on remediation projects. She has experience in a wide range of activities including Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), complex remediations, vegetation monitoring and control, Detailed Site Assessments (DSAs), and reclamation certificate applications (RCAs). Melanie also supports our Corporate Consulting team with SiteView projects and has experience with Site Specific Liability Assessments for large-scale facilities. She has also been involved with several Environmental Due Diligence projects on behalf of clients during the acquisition process. She brings a wealth of experience and mentorship to our Calgary office.

But most importantly, Mel is the mother of 2 beautiful children. Melanie went on her second maternity leave prior to the onset of the pandemic. As a mother myself I know how challenging and rewarding it is to be at home with your children, but no one could have possibly foreseen the strange and scary turns that 2020 would take. Lockdowns, social distancing, face masks, working from home, virtual meetings, all under the constant threat of a disease that none of us could predict or plan around.

How did you feel about coming back to work in the middle of the pandemic?

“I was excited and looking forward to getting back to work, but also anxious about sending our children to daycare amidst the pandemic. As a family, we were so fortunate to even have the option to keep our daughters at home throughout most of 2020; I recognize that a lot of people did not have that luxury.  Our childcare providers have done an excellent job establishing COVID-19 protocols and procedures, and we feel confident that they are safe and well looked-after when we are at work.  I am glad to be back at North Shore, even if it’s only virtually for the moment.”

Melanie, with her husband Shawn and their two toddlers, Annalise and Emma.

Navigating childcare and sick kids is challenging, some guidance or thoughts on how you manage?

“I would say that it has been a collective effort from everybody involved. We are a dual-parent household and are both working from home so we take shifts; on days when we have strict deadlines, we may have to work outside of normal business hours to ensure that our projects are completed on time. Also, co-workers and clients have been very understanding with respect to rescheduling meetings and greater response times between calls and emails on the days when we have sick children at home.”

How are you adjusting to the new way of working? Any tips for others?

“I think the biggest adjustment was getting used to doing everything digitally; whether it was reviewing reports, completing work plans, or invoicing. While it was challenging at first, using existing technology that I was already familiar with in different ways has helped to facilitate the switch. I am glad for the change as it has resulted in less paper waste and ink usage, and it is something that I’ll continue to do when we are able to return to the office. I also try to schedule at least one video call a day so that I have the opportunity to interact with others – face-to-face interactions, even virtually, aids in reducing feelings of isolation. Overall, it has been a really positive experience and I enjoy working from home.”

What is the silver lining?

“With Microsoft Teams, I get to collaborate with a lot of my co-workers from other offices that I typically would only see a few times a year at special events and meetings. I think it has helped foster closer working relationships even though the distance remains the same. I also appreciate having more quality time as a family in the mornings and evenings now that I’m not having to commute to the office every day.”

Your favorite part of your role at North Shore?

“My favorite part of my role at North Shore is the variety of projects that I’m exposed to. I’m constantly working with different people and learning new things. It helps to keep things interesting and exciting. Currently I am spending a lot of time working alongside our Technical Resource Group on complex remediation sites and I am really enjoying evaluating alternative pathways to closure.”

As Melanie stepped back into her work life, she was able to navigate her career and family with support from inside and outside of our organization. She is just one example of female leaders navigating a career, home life, and the pandemic. They say it takes a village to raise a family; at North Shore we believe that it takes a community to support and encourage success in the workplace. We are so proud to have Mel within the North Shore family. For the past decade she has influenced the staff within the Calgary office, provided mentorship and taken on challenging roles. We look forward to celebrating her future contributions to our Corporate Family and to support her growth personally and professionally.

As the spring/summer field season starts to ramp up, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding contributions and efforts for the month of April. This month, the following individuals are being recognized:

Marnie Christensen                                                                               

Marnie has become a cornerstone of the Air and Regulatory team. Over the last several months, Marnie has advanced as a technical lead for numerous regulatory projects while also providing occasional support on biophysical proposals and Phase I ESA reporting. Despite the new addition that will be joining her growing family shortly, Marnie has taken on many new and unique tasks, such as coordinating significant greenhouse gas funding applications and emissions reduction plans for key Saskatchewan clients. Marnie has proven herself as the “Swiss army knife” of the Air and Regulatory team. Thank you for all your hard work Marnie!

Rick Verburgh

Rick has really put in the extra effort and dedication over the last couple months lending drafting support to the TRG and Spill groups. Much of this effort has been after hours with deadlines to satisfy specific client and regulator project requirements. Rick has certainly committed to taking on these challenging projects and has ensured that both field and office staff have been adequately supported to ensure project deliverables are met. Thank you Rick for all your efforts to ensure North Shore continues to be successful with these highly demanding projects.

Scott Mathieson

Scott has been with North Shore since 2013 and has worn several hats during his time with us. Whether it is remediation or reclamation field work, business development, marketing, or project management, Scott is always someone that can be relied upon. Scott’s current role as a Client Coordinator has him managing some of North Shore’s larger client assessment and reclamation portfolios. Scott has also recently taken on the management of North Shore’s EPEA Soil and Groundwater Monitoring programs. Scott does a great job of maintaining client relationships and working closely with field staff and other internal divisions to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget. Well done Scott and thank you for your attention to detail and dedication to ensuring many of these larger client programs are executed safely and to our clients’ satisfaction.

Desiree Macor

Desiree is an integral part of North Shore’s Remediation/Reclamation team. Desiree has a versatile set of skills and experience and is someone that consistently completes quality work. Over this past winter, Desiree was a key member of North Shore’s field team completing various projects throughout northeastern British Columbia in conjunction with our client’s Area Based Closure programs. In this somewhat chaotic and ever-changing environment, Desiree’s abilities as a natural leader were at the forefront. She helped keep projects on track, mentored and trained junior staff, and was a calming presence for everyone involved when things got a little bit stressful! Thank you Desiree and great work!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s hard work over the last several months. We remain excited for 2021, the numerous projects that we have on the go, and the new staff we have recently brought in to North Shore’s family. There’s no doubt that the year will contain many challenges, but by relying on our outstanding staff, North Shore is confident that any challenges will be overcome and we will continue to be successful.

Now that Spring has officially “sprung”, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding contributions and efforts for the month of March. This month, the following individuals are being recognized…

Greg Tough                                                                                              

Greg is one of North Shore’s Remediation/Reclamation Leads. Over the past several months, Greg has worked on complex, multi-faceted projects in remote and challenging locations while utilizing new guidelines and procedures. Greg’s leadership and teamwork style attitude while working with colleagues and other groups has been exemplary, and his mentorship to junior staff is reflected in the quality of work that they do. Greg has shown that he is someone you can rely on to get the job done professionally and safely while meeting the client’s expectations. Greg’s personal and career growth over the past several months has been admirable, and has been proven to be a great asset to North Shore’s establishment in new geographic regions and successful completion of client programs. Great work Greg!

Galen Clarke

Galen has been with North Shore for over a decade and is an invaluable member of the Remediation/Reclamation team. As one of our senior field-based staff, Galen is relied upon to provide his expertise on a variety of different projects. Galen is a leader within the company and is a great mentor to many of our junior staff. His charismatic nature and positive attitude are infectious and he’s a pleasure to work with. Whether it’s supervising a cultivated reclamation project in central Alberta or completing Phase 2 ESAs in Zama City, Galen is always someone that can be counted on to complete great work with a positive attitude. Thank you, Galen, for your hard work and dedication!

Stacey Crossman

It’s important to recognize the unsung heroes of the everyday grind… now that the winter field season has wrapped up for many of us, we have the opportunity to look back at all the little things that added up to our overall success over the last number of months. Stacey has been integral to North Shore’s everyday field (and office) operations with her coordination and management of all the things that are often taken for granted. Things like field equipment, transportation, accommodations, administration tasks related to office operations, and internal safety management responsibilities. These things are often not thought about in detail by most staff, but Stacey has been vital in ensuring North Shore’s operations are effective, efficient, and most importantly, that field staff are able to complete their work successfully. She is leaned on by many to help alleviate much of the headaches we face each day and her hard work, attention to detail, and problem solving skills continue to help all of our divisions meet their required deliverables time and time again. Thank you Stacey for all that you do (the list is lengthy…), it is certainly appreciated by all.

Congratulations to these three individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s hard work over the last several months. Looking forward into the summer of 2021, we have quite the workload ahead of us. However, without a doubt, North Shore is confident that we will continue to exceed our client expectations by continuing to operate as a cohesive team of outstanding and driven individuals.

With the winter season winding down and break-up just around the corner, North Shore’s operational management team would like to take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding contributions and efforts for the month of February. The following individuals are being recognized:

Mandy Rietze 

Since joining North Shore in 2010, Mandy has worn many different hats. She has been a key employee behind the scenes, providing administration, invoicing, reporting, and database support. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Mandy has also assisted with marketing initiatives, organized social events, and has even tested the waters as a draftsperson. Over the past few years, Mandy has been an integral pillar in terms of managing client databases. She is engrossed daily in SiteView, entering field updates, running and analyzing reports, entering invoices, and completing quality assurance reviews. Her attention to detail and ability to analyze has not only alleviated the workload of many North Shore’s Supervisors and Managers, but has also helped North Shore set the bar in terms of SiteView management. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mandy has once again gone above and beyond, assisting with Covid protocols including preparing signage, compiling tracking documents, and ensuring that the necessary safety supplies are available to staff that periodically come into the office. Mandy’s dedication and willingness to support wherever support is needed is very much appreciated and North Shore is very fortunate to have her as part of our team.         

Aaron Batke

Aaron is a key member of North Shore’s Remediation/Reclamation team. Aaron is an extremely hard working individual and a jack of all trades. He is always someone that can be relied upon to take initiative, volunteer to help whenever needed, and complete consistent and high quality work. Whether it’s managing a client, digging a soil pit, or completing a complex remediation, Aaron can always be counted on. Aaron’s calm demeanor and friendly nature makes him great in any situation that he faces and a tremendous mentor for North Shore’s junior staff. Thank you Aaron and keep up the great work!

Tianna Magis

Tianna started her career with North Shore ten years ago and is currently the Phase 1 ESA Reporting and Drafting Supervisor. Tianna puts teamwork and communication first, which has resulted in the successful completion of multiple large-scale Phase 1 ESA programs. Tianna empowers people, encourages participation, and provides mentorship to members of her team. She possesses an innate ability to think and operate in different directions at the same time and makes teamwork natural by actively including people.  With her decade of experience, Tianna’s genuine and patient disposition makes her easily approachable for anyone seeking guidance or direction on a project. She is a strong female leader, an important member of the North Shore family, and her energy and enthusiasm have a positive effect on us all. On behalf of the TRG and North Shore, we would like to thank Tianna for all her hard work and contributions to our team.

Tanner Nesbitt

Tanner has been the lead on all the Baseline Reduction Opportunity Assessment (BROA) applications for funding under the Government of Alberta. By the end of February, Tanner had successfully submitted applications and received approvals for over 10 clients. So far, Tanner has had a 100% success rate for the BROA program. Aside from program applications, Tanner has also been integral in the scheduling and execution of field activities related to the program, and has even managed to carve out some field work where he is able to. Thank you Tanner for all your hard work and dedication!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore’s management team is very proud of all of its staff and appreciates everyone’s hard work over the last month. As we continue to wrap up winter programs and begin to plan and initiate our spring and summer projects, we continue to be excited for what 2021 holds for North Shore.