For many, it was thought April would be a time to relax a little and recharge. However, things remained incredibly busy and North Shore’s operational management team would like to acknowledge some of their North Shore teammates for their efforts. These individuals exhibited considerable energy and thoughtfulness during April, leading to a safe and successful month.

Chad Benson

An anchor in our Accounting Team, Chad joined North Shore in July 2011.  Since joining North Shore, he completed his CPA/CMA designation and was promoted to Accounting Coordinator.  Chad currently supervises a team of 4 people, and his primary tasks include invoicing supervision, day-to-day accounting reporting and training for the department.  He also regularly interacts with people across the company to address any issues with reporting and to provide insights and training on process.  Chad is known for being flexible and reliable.  Great work Chad, we appreciate your hard work!

Brent Tough

Brent is one of North Shore’s Senior Field Leads and recently celebrated his 5-year anniversary with the company. For complex assessment and remediation projects, Brent is regularly relied upon to supervise and manage the field aspects of the project. Brent’s great knowledge base and communication skills allows him to excel at being a mentor and train our new and junior staff. His calm demeanour and fun personality make Phase 2 ESA’s at -25C in February feel like a vacation! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Brent!

Shauna Stack  

Shauna is an integral member of North Shore’s Technical Resource Group (TRG). She has been responsible for supporting our Data Management Group with training, developing and fine tuning of our internal systems and processes. Over the past six months, Shauna supported the Regulatory Compliance team by preparing a large volume of Soil and Groundwater Monitoring program reports authorized under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA). Shauna did an amazing job of organizing, tracking, and ensuring that all projects were completed on time and within budget. We would like to recognize and thank Shauna for her contributions to the 2021 EPEA programs; the success of these projects were a direct result of Shauna’s hard work and the importance she places on the quality of reporting. A versatile consultant, her positive attitude and enthusiasm make Shauna a valuable asset to North Shore. Thank you, Shauna, for your high standard of work and continued support to our organization.

Taylor Adams

Taylor is relatively new to North Shore but has quickly taken it upon herself to become fully emersed and educated in the many logistical requirements and challenges of coordinating North Shore’s field equipment inventory. Taylor has done an excellent job in a very short period of time to learn North Shore’s equipment inventory, the maintenance requirements related to each piece of field equipment, and working with field staff to ensure they have what they need to be successful with their projects. As with any equipment, troubleshooting and problem solving is often required and Taylor has done an excellent job addressing and taking the initiative to rectify these challenges. With a very busy field season kicking off, North Shore is very lucky to have Taylor as part of the team and supporting our overall operations. Awesome job Taylor!

Thank you to these four individuals for making North Shore such an enjoyable place to work! We hope May will provide more opportunities for our staff to grow and shine.

It has been a very busy and extended winter season and all of us are looking forward to the spring weather. For the month of March, North Shore’s operational management team would like to recognize a few individuals who demonstrated considerable effort and initiative over the last month in ensuring client programs were completed safely and effectively.

Joey Woehleke                                                                                       

Joey has been an essential member of the Emission Management & Services Group since he first joined North Shore in November 2018. Joey continues to contribute to the team by taking on additional responsibilities and workloads while keeping a high level of dedication to the team and to North Shore’s clients. He has been a great mentor to new and more junior staff providing field training and technical support. Joey goes above and beyond whether it’s putting in extra time to complete proposals and reports or ensuring clear communication and dedication to clients to ensure strict deadlines are met. His deliverables are always concise, organized, and most importantly, appreciated by the client. Great work Joey, glad you’re on our team!

Derek Morris

Derek has been instrumental in ensuring client field programs progressed during unexpected conditions and very tight timelines. Derek’s dedication and determination was very apparent when working on a few client programs that presented some significant logistical and resourcing challenges based on required timelines. Derek immediately volunteered to fill in where needed and provided both field level and project management support to ensure the work was completed safely and within the allowable timeframes. Derek also participated in a field safety and compliance audit by one of the provincial regulators where he successfully demonstrated both technical and safety competencies and represented North Shore very well. Derek has certainly proven himself as a very versatile, organized, and valuable asset to North Shore’s operations.  Awesome work Derek!  

Jaden Kapiniak

Jaden recently became a full-time member of the Remediation and Reclamation group and did a fantastic job this winter working in some very challenging and remote areas of Alberta. Jaden began the winter helping out with a large winter Phase 2 ESA program in northwestern Alberta. He adapted well to the northern living and tough winter conditions while completing Phase 2 ESA’s and then transitioned to completing winter reclamation projects in northern areas of the province during the end of season push. Jaden put a strong focus on safety and worked very hard to learn and overcome the challenges of very difficult programs. Jaden kept a positive “can-do” attitude and showed a very strong willingness to learn. Thank you very much for your hard work and positive attitude Jaden.

Logan Beaumont

Being one of North Shore’s more experienced field staff, Logan was relied on heavily this past winter to complete one of our northern winter programs. Logan’s leadership, vast experience, and professionalism was on full display as he took on many challenges throughout the winter. From weather extremes to tight/varying project deadlines and ongoing heavy equipment shortages, Logan maintained a positive attitude, and ran a very safe and successful winter program. Logan’s commitment to safety, open communication, along with his easy going but hard working attitude has earned him a high level of trust and respect with client representatives, colleagues, and contractors alike. Thank you, Logan for all the continued hard work and dedication to the North Shore team!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore would like to thank all its staff for their hard work and contributions throughout the month of March and the past winter season. We look forward to this spring to decompress from a busy winter, plan our summer programs, and hopefully enjoy some time outside as the spring sounds and colors start to show.

With Spring in sight and many of our winter programs wrapping up in the coming weeks, North Shore’s operational management team would like to recognize some individuals who demonstrated considerable effort and initiative over the last month. For the month of February, we would like to recognize the following:

Kayla Frankiw                                                                                         

Kayla has been an integral member of the Data Management Group since she first joined the North Shore family in July 2021. After breezing through training, Kayla jumped into the busy mix of data management and completed reporting preparation for nearly 100 projects in her first six months at North Shore. Kayla has been an effective communicator who always asks questions and is eager to learn more about environmental assessment and remediation processes. In addition to data management, Kayla has been lending out a hand on a variety of Detailed Site Assessment, Phase 2 ESA, and air monitoring projects, and has helped greatly to ensure we are meeting client reporting deadlines. She has done an incredible job of keeping organized during our busiest time of year and is a fantastic team player who is always bringing a positive attitude to our meetings. Thank you, Kayla, for all your hard work!

Mike Easton

Mike has been braving the cold in the field the last month as he completed numerous client facility inspections and fugitive emission survey programs in north central Alberta. Mike’s flexibility and initiative was clearly showcased recently by making himself available to execute on last minute client requests, as well as  to lend a hand to another North Shore division for an emergency request by a client. Despite his own workload and client obligations, Mike made sure all expectations were met and North Shore’s clients and other staff members got what they needed. Mike exhibits great dedication to North Shore and our clients and is an excellent leader. North Shore is very fortunate to have him as part of our organization. Keep up the great work Mike!

Jaron Ternan

Jaron recently joined the North Shore team as a Program Coordinator on the Remediation/Reclamation team. Jaron’s first day was in the midst of our busy winter field season, and he was quickly brought into the operations of the program. Jaron took it all in stride and immediately immersed himself in the program, ensured communication with all stakeholders, and prioritized both North Shore and client requirements to ensure they were being met. Jaron has done a phenomenal job during his short time with North Shore to familiarize himself with our company, staff, and client programs. Jaron’s experience, positive and calm attitude, along with his ability to clearly communicate has helped make his transitioning of programs and projects as smooth as possible. Great job Jaron and welcome to the team!

Dave Simmill

Dave is a long-standing North Shore employee and is well ingrained as a Program Coordinator on North Shore’s Remediation/Reclamation team. Dave has had a very busy winter managing multiple client programs across the province, including much of North Shore’s ASRP funded projects which include an additional layer of complexity and management. Despite the challenges that go along with winter work and the additional requirements of the ASRP program, Dave has successfully managed his program workloads and a highly productive team of field personnel through excellent safety values, effective communication, and vast knowledge and experience with both the work being completed and the areas we are working in. Thanks for all of your efforts Dave and keep it up!

Congratulations to these four individuals! North Shore would like to thank all its staff for their hard work and contributions throughout the month of February. With COVID-19 restrictions continuing to ease, we wish everyone a safe and productive March and look forward to the spring season that will soon be upon us.

The following post is an interview with Alex Hamilton, Remediation/Reclamation Lead, and was conducted by Kelly Zadko, VP of Business Development.

Alex Hamilton holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Environmental Science & Geography from the University of Calgary. She has a wide range of environmental experience related to Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), reclamation, spills, and biophysical work, mainly in the upstream oil/gas industry. Additionally, Alex has extensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) experience, and she worked on a unique project overseeing the installation of over 25,000 native plants into disturbances with Banff National Park. Alex has a tremendous work ethic, always goes the extra mile, and is a valued member of the North Shore Team. I had a chance to catch up with her recently and she provided some great responses to my questions:

Why did you decide to pursue a career in Environmental Science?

“I was always the weird kid in school whose purse was full of garbage and nagged her friends to recycle their drink bottles. I knew that I needed to do something that I cared about so working in the environmental industry always seemed like a no brainer to me. The beauty of environmental science is that it is a wide field with an incredible diversity of niches. So you don’t have to commit to a single ‘job’ for the rest of your life, there’s always room to grow in different directions to find what fits you best.”

You are cross trained between the biophysical and Rem/Rec/Spill team, what do you like most about the work in each team?

“Rem/Rec/Spill: The before and after. Showing up to an area that needs some help and leaving knowing that you have set it up for success – bonus points for getting to come back a few months or years down the line and getting to see it flourishing and knowing that you helped get it there.”

“Biophysical: I really love plants, so anytime I get to hang out in the forest and look at plants (and get paid for it!) is a great day.”

Do you like UAV flying? How do you think it can improve the industry?

“UAVs can give you an amazing combination of detail and spatial scope when evaluating the health or impacts in an area. When you’re in the field you can collect detailed data, but you can only evaluate what you can see – this causes scope constraints due to time, budget, and physical barriers to access. On the other side of the spectrum is satellite imagery which gives you a wide area with low detail. UAV imagery gives the opportunity to collect detailed data at a spatial extent that covers your entire area of interest, and gives it to you in a birds-eye view perspective. It’s the difference between looking at a single puzzle piece and looking at the completed puzzle when it comes to evaluating and understanding an area.”

What has been your favorite project to date?

“Every new project that I work on I get to learn something new, work somewhere new, and work with new people, so every project I’ve been on has had some great aspects. My very first job out of school will always hold a special place though. I worked as a reclamation laborer in Banff National Park, so I got paid to dig holes, plant native plants, and hike around the back woods of the park all day. There was actually a two week stretch where I saw at least one bear every day! The Rocky Mountains are such an interesting environment, and I had the opportunity to work there in such a unique and hands on position.”

What do you do for fun?

“I’m a bit of a homebody, so for day-to-day fun and relaxing I love to cook and try out new recipes, I try to fit in some yoga, and I always love to curl up with my partner Nick, my cats, some Netflix and a fancy cocktail I made myself.  On weekends and holidays, I’m either hosting BBQs, camping, hiking, or cross-country skiing. I also love to travel, always in the local non-touristy areas if I can, and I’m a novice sailor.”

It’s certainly been an interesting start to 2022 for everyone. With crazy temperature swings, continued changes to COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, and additional pressure placed on supply chains for all industries, there have been significant challenges to overcome both professionally and personally for everyone. North Shore’s operational management team would like to recognize some individuals who demonstrated considerable effort and initiative over the last month to help navigate these challenges. For the month of January, we would like to recognize the following:

Katherine Taylor                                                                                    

Katherine has done an excellent job transitioning into to her new role within North Shore’s Air and Regulatory division. Katherine is extremely well-organized, dedicated, and has proven to be a critical member of the team. She has taken on new and additional responsibilities and has performed well under the challenges and additional workloads the team has faced. Katherine exhibits great dedication to North Shore and our clients, and we are very fortunate to have her as part of our organization. Awesome work Katherine!

Coel Bazinet

Coel has put forth significant effort and dedication when tasked with additional responsibilities over the last few months. After some internal changes to North Shore’s operational divisions, Coel stepped forward on short notice to take on additional project management responsibilities for various client programs. Coel has done an amazing job during this transitional period and has really demonstrated his ability to be adaptable and versatile, lending a hand whenever needed, and ensuring the success of North Shore’s client programs. Thank you Coel for you hard work, dedication, and positive attitude!

Cody McLean

Cody has been an integral part of one of North Shore’s remote northern winter programs this year. He has taken on the role as a field leader in stride, and his attention to detail and positive attitude have been key to the program’s success so far. Cody’s focus on safety and on-going communication has been exemplary, which is extremely important working in remote areas during the winter months. Thank you, Cody, and keep up the great work!

Congratulations to these three individuals! North Shore would like to thank all its staff for their hard work and contributions throughout January despite the ever-changing weather conditions and other challenges staff are facing both at work and at home. We wish everyone a safe and productive February and we look forward to continuing to navigate and overcome these challenges for continued success in 2022.